Best way to do Local SEO

Trying to get your site listed locally on google can be a tricky process and to some point just as hard as ranking your other keywords.

The other day i came across an excellent article that has a different take on Local SEO and how to optimize your website for suburb locations.

Local SEO – How to Optimize your Website for Suburbs has some really great tips and some that i think i will try and introduce into my websites.


There is a plugin that i have been using for some time now and often gets me good results on pages i try to rank for. This plugin is called Source Flood and you can check out his video below that explains how to use it.


To Download Source Flood simply visit

Basically this allows you to create content and duplicate it over to a list of suburbs and you use the {flood} field to change every page to the Source Flood word on each page.  One downside i see after reading the above article is Google may one day decide to penalize against duplicate content and result in my pages loosing rankings. So my idea is to combine these two features together and use Source Flood to create my pages and then add youtube videos and pictures to the pages to provide useful information for viewers.

I will do a test using this above setup and post my results in a few weeks on how the rankings work out.

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